In Production

  • The future of work

    FofW_header-960x475KUD Mreža (SI), Projekthaus Potsdam-Babelsberg (GE), Zaaigrond filmproductions (NL) and artists Julij Borstnik (SI) and Abel Heijkamp (NL) received funding from European Cultural Fund (ECF) to start a collaborative documentary project “The Future of Work”.

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Finished movies

  • Ways

    As people in a city are moving within their own well-known living spaces, which are widely varied, a citymap and a musical score arises, based upon the dynamics of these differents ways of life.

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  • A small dot

    9707 - PosterA2.inddLodewijk van den Berg is the first space traveller from Dutch soil. The ‘forgotten astronaut’ already lives for more than fifty years in the United States now, but he never forgot the little village were he was born; Sluiskil (in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands). The inhabitants of Sluiskil also made their own journeys.

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  • This is how a country became

    poster DIHELO a2.inddOnce it was a ditch, across the grasslands of the Beukeveld Family, which formed the borderline between the Netherlands and Germany. One day this ditch was filled up and Gerard Beukeveld
    was disowned. Neither the Netherlands nor Germany ever payed money for the ground on which the ditch once lay. Therefore Beukeveld and his eager followers announced a new sovereign state upon it named: Eurostaete. Just as the borders of Eurostaete those of the Netherlands too once arose or have either been won or simply determined. Briefly ‘This is how a new country became’
    retells the history of this borderline alongside the coming into being of Eurostaete. The film narrates (and sings!) the absurd tale of national borders.

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  • Das war das lustige leben

    Filmposter_DwdlL_mkKlompen Jan, the 81 year old ‘godfather’ of Dutch trailer travelers, is among the last to still travel around in his camper, despite obstructions by the authorities. As his generation of travelers decreases, the Paridaans family came to feel attracted to the old trailers. They decided to build one and to travel around in a recreational way. Moreover, they joined an association that wants to keep the ‘joyful life of gypsies’ alive by showing it to the public. These two stories reveal the contrast between the cherished folklore and hard reality of trailer travelers.

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  • ‘As long as the wind blows from the clouds’

    PosterKlein_mkIn the era of globalisation and an united European Union it seems like if peoples’ involvement in society and their influence at society gets smaller. People feel that they don’t have power over their lives or their environment anymore, because of the distance between them and the authorities. But also because of the centralization, the bureaucracy or because of the globalisation that makes the world more uniform.

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