Das war das lustige leben

Klompen Jan, the 81 year old ‘godfather’ of Dutch trailer travelers, is among the last to still travel around in his camper, despite obstructions by the authorities. As his generation of travelers decreases, the Paridaans family came to feel attracted to the old trailers. They decided to build one and to travel around in a recreational way. Moreover, they joined an association that wants to keep the ‘joyful life of gypsies’ alive by showing it to the public. These two stories reveal the contrast between the cherished folklore and hard reality of trailer travelers.

This film was financed by BKKC (Province of Brabant) and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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Produced in 2011, the Netherlands
Full HD
38 minutes
PAL Stereo
Spoken in Dutch, English subtitles

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