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  • SERIE: De Figurant
    The Figurant is a Dutch online talkshow. In the first season (ten epsiodes), our hosts Femke Kaulingfreks and Mathijs van de Sande invite several [Read more…]
  • All flex?
    In the web-documentary “All Flex” Abel Heijkamp (NL) and Julij Borštnik (SI) research the consequences of the ongoing precarisation of work and [Read more…]
  • Ways
    As people in a city are moving within their own well-known living spaces, which are widely varied, a citymap and a musical score arises, based upon [Read more…]
  • A small dot
    Lodewijk van den Berg is the first space traveller from Dutch soil. The ‘forgotten astronaut’ already lives for more than fifty years in [Read more…]
  • This is how a country became
    Once it was a ditch, across the grasslands of the Beukeveld Family, which formed the borderline between the Netherlands and Germany. One day this [Read more…]
  • Das war das lustige leben
    Klompen Jan, the 81 year old ‘godfather’ of Dutch trailer travelers, is among the last to still travel around in his camper, despite [Read more…]
  • ‘As long as the wind blows from the clouds’
    In the era of globalisation and an united European Union it seems like if peoples’ involvement in society and their influence at society gets [Read more…]